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What is a 240V to 12V transformer?

240V to 12V transformers are useful electrical devices that allow you to run 12V DC powered appliances from 240V mains power, such as household wall sockets. Unlike a 12V inverter, which allows you to run 240V household appliances from a car battery, the transformer does the opposite. This means you can use a transformer to power your 12V car fridge, air compressor, hot water heater etc. from AC mains. This can be particularly useful for working in the garage, or campers who spend time at RV sites and want to take advantage of the mains power to operate their otherwise portable appliances without draining vehicle batteries. Did you know that your phone charger uses a built-in transformer to convert 240V into a lower voltage suitable for charging the battery?

Before you buy

Voltage and amps are not one and the same. A transformer may convert 240V to 12V, but it will still need to offer an amp output suitable for the appliance you plan to run from the mains power. Be sure that its power output is capable of supporting this appliance - some transformers offer multiple power outputs, from 1A to 40A for example, covering a wide range of appliances from phone chargers to car fridges.

You'll notice on eBay, many more expensive listings offer multi-voltage transformers, allowing you to convert a range of AC voltages to a range of DC voltages, such as 100-240V AC to 5V-24V DC. This can be handy for multiple appliances requiring different voltages, just be sure that the specific voltage conversion you are chasing is included!

As you may have guessed, 240V transformers aren't just for powering car accessories. One popular application is the installation of LED strip lighting around the house, garage, garden shed or warehouse. These LED strips typically use 12V power and make for a great power saving alternative to incandescent light bulbs.

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