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24V LED Light Bulbs

LEDs, or light emitting diodes, are diodes that glow when electricity passes through them. LED light bulbs are about 90 per cent more efficient than traditional incandescent light bulbs, and they can last several times longer than CFL bulbs. Whether you want 24V LED lamps for your vehicle or for your home, 24V LED light bulbs offer a bright, efficient and long-lasting solution to lighting.


LEDs lend themselves to some creative uses. If it is strip lighting you want, LED lights come in relatively thin strips. If it is a standard bulb you need, you can find that as well. LEDs also come in different colours, sometimes even in models that change colour, making it easy to create a unique interior atmosphere. 24V and 12V LED light bulbs are designed for use with DC current and not standard mains voltage. However, you can find LED bulbs designed for mains as well.

Terminal Type

24V LED bulbs come in different varieties with different terminals, including the standard 'Edison' screw type, as well as those designed for automobile terminals. It is possible to use adapters to connect LED lights to older fittings if necessary.

Colour Temperature

Incandescent lights give off a warm colour, and many people tend to associate this with interior lighting. LED lights come in different colour temperatures. For the main lights, pick warm colour temperatures for most home or indoor use and cooler white colour temperatures for work spaces. Colour temperature is stated in Kelvin (K) with higher numbers indicating colder colour temperatures.


While the old standard for measuring the brightness of a bulb was 'watts', the brightness of LED lights is measured in lumens. A 1,100-lumen LED bulb can replace a 75-watt incandescent bulb, while an 800-lumen LED bulb replaced a 60-watt one.

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