Conquer Any Terrain With 26" Bike Tyres

Bike tyres are important bike parts as they provide a source of suspension. They also generate the lateral forces required for balancing and turning and the longitudinal forces required for propulsion and braking. A wide range of 26" bike tyres in various colours and designs to fit your riding style is available on eBay.

Is it time to replace your 26" bike tyres?

Cracks along the sidewall of your bike tyres are signs that you need to replace your tyre. You should also replace your bike tyres when you notice uneven tread wear. Frequent punctures are also a red flag. It often occurs when the tread is thin and cannot protect your tube from sharp objects. Lastly, an exposed casing on your tyres means it is time to replace your bike tyres.

The maintenance requirements of 26" bike tyres

Before each ride, use a pressure gauge to check and adjust the inflation pressure. Stay within the right range for your bike tyre pressure to allow for optimal performance. Check the manufacturer’s site for the instructions. Also, clean your tires regularly using a rag and warm water to remove dirt and grime on your wheels.

Should you opt for mountain bike tyres or road bike tyres?

When considering buying bicycle tyres, choose tyres that are suitable for the terrain you intend to ride. If you are using your bike on rough terrains, then you should go for mountain bike tyres. Road bike tyres, on the other hand, are designed to be aerodynamic and lightweight to allow easy usage on flat surfaces.

Different types of 26-inch tyres

There are different types of 26-inch tyres available on eBay. They include:

  • Clinchers: Tyres used with clincher rims and require an inner tube. Clincher tyres have a Kevlar fibre bead or steel wire that interlocks with flanges in your rim. With this system, you can easily access the inner cycle tubes if you want to replace them or need to patch a leak.
  • Tubeless: A tubeless bike tyre system requires a tire bead seat, spoke holes, an airtight rim that can be sealed at the valve stem, and a compatible tyre. It uses low air pressure for traction and does not get pinch flats as there is no inner tube that can pinch between the bicycle rim and an obstacle.
  • Mountain bike tyre: A heavy-duty tyre designed for use in off-road riding. It is covered in knobs designed to provide grip on various terrains and dig into loose material.
  • Tub: A lightweight tyre that has been stitched closed around the bike tube to form a torus. This combination is then glued to a sprint rim.