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Size 26650 Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are an excellent solution for more obscure battery types that are harder to get a hold of. If you own electronics that run on batteries such as the size 26650 model, switching to rechargeable is an eco-friendly and time-saving option. With size 26650 rechargeable batteries, you won't waste time going to specialised stores and you won't create any battery waste that needs to be carefully disposed.

Chargers and Batteries

Rechargeable batteries in size 26650 are not as common as AAA rechargeable batteries, but you can still find units manufactured by several vendors. Finding a charger is also easy, but you can only use chargers for the specific size. Due to the unique size and characteristics of these battery, a typical charger used for 26650 might only be compatible with size 18650, 18350, 16340, 14500 and 18500.

Lithium-Ion Chemical Composition

The lithium-ion chemical composition of these batteries makes them excellent for high-drain application. If you are considering building a device that uses size 26650 rechargeable batteries, make sure that you are applying them in a circuit where a lot of power is needed immediately, rather than small amounts of power over a longer period. Powering a camera would be an excellent example of high-drain application, while powering a clock radio qualifies as a low-drain.

Overcharge Protection

When selecting charger and batteries, look for overcharge protection. Lower-grade batteries need to be more carefully monitored and taken out of the charger after several hours, while the ones with overcharge protection can stay plugged in indefinitely. Investing in overcharge protection allows you to leave the batteries on the charger overnight without worrying about damaging them or the device they need to power. The batteries you charge can even have a variable capacity ranging from 2500 mAh to 5200 mAh, so different batteries can have a different recharge cycle length.

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