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2-HP Pool Spa Pumps

Pool pumps serve an important function, which is to circulate the pool water, something that is vital to the entire filtration process. The filtration process keeps your pool water free of bacteria and algae. Without proper water circulation, your pool chemicals won’t disperse correctly and evenly. It is key to get the proper size pump that fits your size of pool. A pump that is too large for your pool will force a large amount of water through a filter that is too small, resulting in strain and resistance that will cause the motor to wear down and die prematurely.

Variable Speed Motors

Through consumer need and feedback, dual speed pumps help to direct how pumps can properly fit the needs of a pool. While single speed pumps are still available, dual speed pumps have grown in popularity. Single speed motors run at the same speed the entire time they are on. Dual speed motors have two options of either low or high speed. Low speed is good for regular circulation, while high speed is a good choice for vacuuming or water features. These pumps use less energy, extend the life of the motor and save money on electricity bills. 2 to 5-HP pool and spa pumps are available both in single speed and dual speed. It is important to determine what your needs are and how you intend to use your pump when deciding what type of pump to buy.

Above Ground Pool Pumps

Above ground pool pumps are a great alternative to incorporate into your spa system. These require less powerful motors and they do not need diffusers. Above ground pumps usually use anywhere between 1-2 horsepower. It is often discouraged to have an above ground 2-HP pool and spa pump with an inground pool, as they have to work overtime to circulate the water. Because of this, most above ground pump go with only above ground pools. While some above ground pool owners prefer to run their pump 24 hours per day, others will operate their pump for six to 12 hours each day. Reduced operation allows for daily cleaning of the pool water while reducing energy costs.

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