Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

Get it in front of 160+ million buyers.

 If you are looking for a piece of Apple history, the iPhone 5s was the last phone to be overseen by Steve Jobs. That’s some memorabilia. If you are looking for a smartphone but don't need the functions of the newer models, consider an iphone 5s with 32 GB memory. Whatever brings you to be looking at buying an iPhone 5s 32GB phone, let eBay help you find the one you want.

First phone

iPhone 5s is the perfect first smartphone for your children. You want your children to have the ability to contact you when they are out. As teenagers spread their wings and travel independently to activities or head out with their friends at night, a phone becomes essential. If you have more than one child, buy a smartphone and tablets whilst also funding the calls becomes a considerable expense to add the family budget. An iPhone 5s gives your children a smartphone with a camera and apps that can be connected to the rest of your Apple suite for much less investment than the new models.

Older generation users

Getting grandparents or ageing parents into smartphones can be challenging. They aren't interested in downloading apps or media. If you want to connect to your older family members via FaceTime an iPhone 5s phone is the perfect device to give them. They mightn’t want to buy into a smartphone contract so buying the handset and managing it with a pre-paid service is an ideal option.

Current operating system

The iPhone 5s  32BG phone is supported by Apple’s iOS system and receives the regular updates. An Apple 5s is enjoying iOS 10 like its newer counterparts. Pacify your teens that it has the same apps, an 8 mp camera and enough memory for selfies. They can buy iPhone 5s cases for individuality.

Small and compact

The iPhone 5s 32 GB is small and compact compared to today’s generation of smartphones. The handset is123.8 mm (H) x 58.6 mm (W) and 7.6 mm (D).  Jump onto eBay today to purchase iPhone 5s 32GB.

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