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3D Box Picture Frames

With digital cameras taking over from old-fashioned film camera, most people store their photos on hard drives or in the cloud these days, rather than in photo albums or pictures frames. To see a photo proudly displayed in a picture frame is rare and ultimately makes the photo seem even more special and unique. Frameless picture frames and clip frames can equally be used to display precious photos, but what happens when the item you wish to display has depth? That's where 3D box picture frames come in.

The Versatility Of 3D Photo Frames

While regular photo frames serve the sole purpose of displaying a protecting photos and other paper items, 3D box picture frames are much more versatile. The depth of the frame allows for three-dimensional items to be stored and protected just as a photo would be, making square 3D box picture frames an excellent choice to display cross stich creations, scrapbooking pages, keepsakes and souvenirs.

Displaying Your Keepsakes

Prior to the introduction of rectangular 3D box picture frames there were very few options for displaying three-dimensional items, short of putting them in a display cabinet or sitting them on a shelf. While both are good options and have been so for years, keepsakes tend to get lost amongst all the other items in a china cabinet, while other mementoes can become broken or dusty if displayed on a shelf. 3D box picture frames solve both of these problems.

Securing Your Keepsakes in a 3D Box Photo Frame

Items will need to be affixed by some means to the backing board of the 3D box photo frame. There are several methods to do this, depending on the items you wish to store and how permanently you would like them to be affixed. A hot glue gun is an effective way of permanently securing some items, but isn't suitable for every type of keepsake. An alternative to hot glue is clear stretch string, commonly found in craft shops.

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