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3D Wallpaper Rolls and Sheets

Wallpaper adds depth, texture, and overall aesthetics to a room and are available in so many designs that finally deciding on one may require a lot of deliberation. Paint is limited to shades and finishes, while wallpaper can impart a whole different look with minimal effort, especially when you choose a 3D wallpaper. Moreover, it also has less apparent advantages over paint, such as superior longevity. It has been shown that modern wallpaper retains its beauty and appearance for at least 15 years and requires less frequent cleaning than painted walls. Therefore, although wallpaper can cost quite a bit more than painting, its ease of installation and long-lasting beauty might just win you over.

Embossed 3D Wallpapers

One characteristic that makes 3D wallpapers so alluring is that they are able to take on shadows and textures. Embossed 3D wallpaper rolls and sheets are available in designs like flourishes and wonderful vintage patterns that really give character to a wall. For a modern design, designate one side as an accent wall, then choose a contrasting colour and a striking embossed pattern, like a red brick wallpaper for a room with predominantly white walls. It draws attention to the lovely illusion of texture while keeping the observer aware of the clean, white theme of the rest of the room. An embossed 3D stereoscopic mosaic wallpaper also makes for an attractive accent wall for a bed to stand against.

Flocked 3D Wallpapers

Choosing 3D flocking wallpapers allows a wall take a textured characteristic that painting could never achieve. Flocking is the process of sticking many tiny fibre particles onto a surface. The many patterns and designs achievable through this process makes picking a 3D flocked wallpaper a treat for avid interior designers. A sunlit reading room with light coloured walls would benefit from pink flocked wallpaper, which pair well with a couple pieces of furniture in modern red shades. These wallpapers also make great backgrounds for TVs and framed painting displays.


Wallpaper murals are also great for giving a room some personality. If you love tropical climates, apply a beach scene wallpaper on your living room wall. If you appreciate the blue sky, choose a wallpaper that depicts a bright, sunny day to give the room a feeling of freedom and breadth.

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