3D TV Glasses & Accessories

3D TV Glasses And Accessories

After exploding in popularity in cinemas, the ability to watch movies in 3D has since emerged in the home, letting you watch a 3D Blu-ray movie on your smart TV. However, there are different options and methods for watching 3D TV and so it’s important that you invest in the right 3D TV glasses and accessories to avoid disappointment.

Active 3D Glasses

The first approach to enjoying 3D TV is through the use of active 3D glasses. These 3D TV glasses are actually battery powered and rapidly alternate which eye you see the image from, the optical illusion behind all 3D movies. Since all the work is being done by the 3D TV glasses, they work with any smart TV capable of refreshing faster than 60 frames per second, basically most modern plasma, LCD and LED TVs.

Passive 3D Glasses

To alternate what each eye sees, passive 3D glasses actually work with particular types of smart TV. The passive 3D TV polarises odd and even lines of pixels differently, so that each eye only sees every second line. Since the work is being done by the passive 3D TV, passive 3D glasses are much like the glasses you receive at cinemas, in that they’re simple and cheap. Again, for this option you need TVs that support passive 3D TV to enjoy 3D movies.

3D Blu-ray Player

Most importantly here is that not all DVD and Blu-ray players are able to play 3D Blu-rays. It’s best to check that your Blu-ray player is 3D compatible before buying any 3D glasses.

Virtual Reality Headsets

The next step in immersive experiences, virtual reality headsets are the spiritual successors of 3D glasses. Either using dedicated devices or your own smartphone, virtual reality headsets strap the device to your head, creating a distraction-free experience of various virtual-reality apps, games and movies. Certain models also incorporate built-in headphones to craft the fully-immersive experience.