4-Inch Car Speakers and Speaker Systems

Whether you have a simple car radio or a more advanced mobile audio system, your car speakers are everything. No matter what you are listening to, it's your speakers that produce the sound. There are a number of factors that determine the best speakers for any given auto installation, and one of them is size. The biggest advantage of the smaller four-inch speakers, which are only about 10 centimetres in diameter, is that it's easy to find room for them.

How Speakers Work

All speakers, whether automotive or otherwise, are essentially pumps. In car speakers, magnets vibrate the speaker cone, which pumps pressure waves into the surrounding atmosphere. Those pressure waves set up vibrations in your ear, and that's what you actually hear. Good quality speakers use stronger cones and more powerful magnets so they can not only push the air harder but they can go from low to high and back again more quickly. When you mount them properly in a car, it turns the space behind the speaker into a resonance chamber, which amplifies the sound.

Choosing Systems

There are a number of different factors to consider when choosing car speakers and speaker systems. You need to decide how many and what kind of speakers you want to install, and also whether you are going to include a subwoofer. One common choice is to go with 6.5-inch car speakers and speaker systems which provide a good balance of sound and also fit in many stock speaker holes.

Advantage of 4-Inch Speakers

While larger speakers can push more air than smaller speakers, they also have more inertia. That means they can't hit the high notes as easily as smaller speakers. Smaller speakers are also more responsive, so they can handle rapid changes in beat and frequency more easily. They don't do as good a job at producing bass response, but you can compensate for that by installing a subwoofer to handle the low notes.


Many four-inch speakers are two-way designs. They feature a smaller tweeter as well as the four-inch main cone. This gives them good performance in both the mid-range and the high end.