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49 mm Circular Camera Filters

Using different camera filters can improve your photography by creating a visual mood with the addition of saturated colour, improving clarity or minimising glare. Photographers have a wide variety of circular camera lens filters to choose from, and they are available in many styles and thicknesses. The filters often require installing the lens to the lens filter thread, making it easy to attach and remove them to capture stunning and creative images.

Colour Filters

When a photographer wants to add a yellow hue to a picture or bring warm undertones to a sitter's skin, the artist may choose to use a yellow circular camera filter to achieve the effect. Likewise, creating cool effects is easy when using a cyan or blue colour filter. Whether a person chooses a 58 mm circular camera lens filter or a smaller 49 mm design, a colour filter lens can make grass look greener, oceans appear bluer or help depict an imaginary world that looks somewhat like reality, only more intense and magical.

Circular Polariser Filters

Selecting camera lens filters with a circular polariser effect may help increase saturation in objects, which can make them appear to have more texture. A polariser lens filter can also reduce the effect that atmospheric haze creates in an image. An additional benefit of using this type of filter is that it may minimise unwanted reflections from shiny objects.

Neutral Density Filters

A 49 mm circular neutral density lens filter that features a dark hue can be helpful when getting shots with a shallow depth of field in bright lighting conditions. This filter choice can be fun to use when capturing people or objects in movement. Its photo effects can make the subject appear blurred, which can create a feeling of motion.

UV Clear Haze Filters

It's somewhat more common to use a 49 mm UV clear haze lens filter with a film camera than a digital model. The accessory helps block UV rays from accessing a film camera's film, which is easy for a digital camera to avoid due to its installed front-fitted UV IR filter. A valuable benefit of using a UV clear haze filter on a digital camera is to protect the camera lens from sand and airborne dust when doing nature photography outdoors.

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