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Smooth Running Relies On The 5w30 Engine Oil

Is your vehicle starting to make a few noises that are a little unusual? Maybe it sounds like there is a little grinding noise coming from under the hood. Then most likely your engine needs a little TLC, and it needs you to add some 5W30 engine oil. Every engine needs to be sufficiently lubricated all the time to keep the engine from seizing up and causing irreparable damage. You will find several quality brands of engine oils like Castrol, Valvoline, Mobil and MOTUL on eBay to help keep that from happening.

5W30 engine oil features and benefits

When you compare the viscosity of 5W30 engine oil to that of other types of oil, the benefits are clear. When it's cold outside, the thickness of the oil is less than that of 10W30, which means it flows better. At the same time, this thicker motor oil helps to stop leaks in the engine.

As the oil moves freely even at very low temperatures, it is ideal for vehicles that work in freezing weather. For people that go on long trips, the oil's low-temperature properties also make it a good choice. The 5W30 is lighter than other types of motor oil, and it also helps cut down on how much fuel is used.

Another advantage of this type of oil is that it is more stable at high temperatures. So, it is a win-win in all sorts of terrain and environments. In general, the temperature range of 5W-30 engine oil is a lot wider than that of 10W-30 oil. It's good for petrol and light-duty diesel engines.

Even though it has a lower viscosity, 5W30 engine oil is good for all types of cars, and it can lead to the longevity of your vehicle. The best thing about 5w30 engine oil? It keeps the engine's metal from rusting. 

When you shop for your 5W30 engine oil on eBay you will find a few different sizes available, 1L, 5L and 10L bottles. If you use a lot of engine oil in your trusting old car, then consider purchasing the 10L and save and look for those who offer free postage as well. While you’re here, stock up and get a spare oil pressure gauge, an oil filter, and an oil filter removal tool as well. For further savings, look for the green $ sign above the sellers’ terms and conditions, then click on the ‘show me how’ button. Some sellers offer Afterpay and PayPal 4 as a payment option.