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Hit the right note with a 6 String Banjo

The banjo is one of the most versatile instruments out there. You can play a huge range of music styles, from bluegrass to country and so much more. The 6 string banjo is very similar to the guitar and it has an additional string that is attached to the neck. This means that it is not attached to the traditional tuning pegs, making it very distinctive when compared to the other banjos that are available.

Parlour Banjos

Parlour banjos only have 19 frets and are usually tuned to G. Parlour banjos are very short and they are able to accommodate both smaller individuals and even children as well. They only weigh around 5lbs but weight is never an issue if you have an open back banjo or even a resonator. The parlour banjo is around 23” and it can be tuned up to A as well, meaning that it can be used for a variety of different music styles.

Long Neck Banjos

The 6 string banjo is very similar to a guitar and the long neck 6-string banjo is made by a variety of different brands. This includes Deering, Banjitar, Goodtime and more. Some long-neck 6-string banjos come with a resonator and the string setup runs over the pickup if it is electric. This enables the user to customise their banjo sound while also giving them the ability to tune into a range of different sounds. Long neck banjos have 25 frets and they are usually tuned into E.

Plectrum Banjos

The 6-string plectrum banjo has 22 frets and it is tuned into C, G, B and D. This is C tuning and a plectrum banjo is normally used for traditional jazz music. This type of banjo is very common with those who are starting out however there are plenty of banjos available for experts as well.

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