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600W Grow Light Kits

Recent innovations in indoor and controlled farming technology have led to improvements in artificial methods. Grow lights comprise many small units or bulbs, usually LEDs arranged in such a way that they can project light downward on a predictable measurement of area. This way, growers can effectively plan how many lights they need to achieve optimal coverage for their whole system. These lights are hung at a set distance from the top of the crops to give them the optimum intensity that mimics a bright, cloudless day.

What are grow lights commonly ideal for?

Grow light kits are best for both beginner and advanced indoor farming applications. Aquaponics and hydroponics operations benefit from the power efficiency and meticulous amounts of control you can achieve with these kits. For hobbyists, a couple of small grow lights in a medium sized grow tent is enough to grow up to four stacking pots worth of herbs, leafy vegetables and fruit shrubs. For larger industrial applications, you can chain together dozens of 600W grow light kits to cover an entire warehouse floor on tomatoes, lettuce and other commercially viable greens.

What types of grow lights are available?

LED grow lights are available in rectangular modules, but others come in circular modules as well. High pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights are more efficient types of high intensity discharge bulbs and deliver more energy in the red part of the light spectrum; hence, they can promote blooming and fruiting. They may also be used to supplement the natural light in a greenhouse.

What other accessories and items are best used with grow light kits?

Having your grow light kits assembled and arranged optimally is one thing, but if convenience and efficiency is your goal, some other accessories might be called for. A timer is essential for when your plants are at particularly critical stages in their growth, especially during the flowering and fruiting phases. Light ballasts are electronic devices used to regulate light output coming from HID bulbs and other traditional lights. You will want to control the intensity to avoid burning your plants as well as have protection during power surges and outages. Incorporating a system for scheduling pump cycles, light schedules and other such controls is also a good idea if you have the technical capabilities. Such a device opens up a lot of possibilities in terms of automating your grow operation.

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