8-Outlet Surge Protectors

A surge protector is an excellent and affordable investment that can save expensive electronics from damage. In addition, a protector with eight sockets gives you the freedom to add more equipment without running out of sockets too quickly. While all protectors may look similar, there are some features to look out for, some more important than others.

Surge Protector or Power Strip

Surge protectors are not the same as power strips. While power strips just multiply the number of outlets, surge protectors do this and also protect against spikes in electricity. Without this protection, every device plugged in when a spike occurs is exposed to that spike. Look for the words 'surge protection', or similar phrases like 'fused strip'.

Phone and Cable Protection

Spikes in electricity can damage all kinds of equipment and can travel over phone lines and cables as well. Some surge protectors have protection for these lines as well.

USB Ports

With the rising number of portable devices in every home, a few extra USB ports to charge devices always comes in handy. Some surge protectors do offer this. However, pay attention to the amp rating of the USB ports. Those that are rated 1A are powerful enough to charge phones, but tablets need more powerful 2A sockets.

Number of Ports

While an 8-outlet surge protector offers more sockets than a 6-outlet surge protector, it may not be enough. Since it is better and safer to plug a surge protector directly into the mains, instead of daisy chaining it to another surge protector, try to buy a model with as many outlets as you can.

Important Ratings

A surge protector's energy absorption rating indicates how much energy it can absorb. Look for something from 600 to 700 joules. In addition, pay attention to the clamping voltage of the protector. This is the voltage that triggers surge protection. A lower clamping voltage is better. Lastly, some surge protectors come with warranties, not just on the surge protector itself, but also on the equipment connected to it. If you have some expensive electronics, it may be worth looking for this type of surge protector.