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Vintage 8mm Cameras: Nostalgia With Quality

The world's first home moviemaker was the 8-millimeter camera; it was also the independent filmmaker's best friend for a while. Digital has since eclipsed film; however, these old movie cameras are still available, still desired, and come with a range of features and accessories.

What are some of the different types of 8-millimeter film cameras for sale?

The following are a couple of different types of 8-millimeter cameras you may come across during your search on eBay:

  • Reflex - Reflex cameras are those that use mirrors to reflect the image from the lens up into the viewfinder so the photographer can see their shot.
  • Zoom reflex - Zoom reflex cameras have a zoom lens built directly into them. In reflex cameras, you must buy lenses that are specifically made to zoom and use them interchangeably with your other lenses. In many cases, you cannot change the lenses of zoom reflex cameras.
Factors to look for when buying 8-millimeter movie cameras

The following are a few things to look for when buying an 8-millimeter camera:

  • Age - Some of the vintage movie cameras for sale are quite old. If you're a collector, you may want to pay attention to some of these older models. They're authentic, and they could be the perfect addition to the right person's collection.
  • Condition - Because they are no longer produced, you won't find any brand-new 8-millimeter cameras for sale. However, you can find some used and pre-owned cameras in great working condition on eBay. Because the cameras are old, expect to find a little to a lot of wear and tear, even on the vintage movie cameras in excellent condition.
  • Accessories - Many of the 8-millimeter cameras for sale come with convenient and practical accessories, such as tripods or camera cases. In many instances, the cases are originals and are in great shape. Other accessories include lenses, hoods, and lens filters.
Which companies produced 8-millimeter film cameras?

These companies produced many of the 8-millimeter vintage movie cameras for sale:

  • Bell and Howell - One of the major players in the movie camera industry, Bell and Howell produced many quality 8-millimeter movie cameras in its day.
  • Bolex - Bolex cameras were once the standard for quality. You can find many great Bolex-made 8-millimeter movie cameras for sale that still function as they did years ago.
  • Kodak - Kodak produced a great number of 8-millimeter home movie cameras. You can find many different models of vintage movie cameras bearing the Kodak name on eBay.
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