AFL & Australian Rules Football Merchandise

Australian Football Merchandise

For generations, Australian football has been the hallmark of Aussie sportsmanship and athleticism. It involves such daring, physical prowess, teamwork and meticulous but swift strategising that the sport has awed the world. The AFL or the Australian Football League is the premier competition in Australian football and features only Australian teams. It is the governing body and acts through the Commission; it is responsible for controlling the laws of the game. Fans of any team in the league can show their enthusiasm and dedication to their favourites but most of all to express their love for the sport by purchasing AFL merchandise.

What is Australian football?

First played in Melbourne in May 1859, Australian football is a contact sport played by two teams of eighteen players. They play on an oval field and points are scored by kicking the oval-shaped ball between the opposing teams goal posts or behind the posts, but the latter earns fewer points. Players may move the ball using any part of their body, but this is done commonly through kicking, handballing and running with the ball.

What kinds of AFL merchandise is available?

Show your dedication to your favourite team by purchasing jersey sets for teams like the Brisbane Lions, Adelaide Crows and the Western bulldogs or get snapback caps with embroidered logos of the Sydney Swans or the West Coast Eagles. You can even get quilt, blanket, doona and pillow sets for your boys favourite team. Take your fandom wherever you drive by getting an AFL team seat cover complete with racing stripes and an image of the team mascot. Block out the harmful rays of the sun from deteriorating your dashboard all while showing the town who youre rooting for by getting an AFL car sunshade. You can even collect micro figures of your best player to display in your room.

What materials are they made of?

Material use varies between products. Caps are usually made with high quality nylon and cotton, as well as their meticulously detailed embroideries. Jerseys are typically made of interwoven wool, cotton or synthetic fibres. Aussie toddler footballs are made with premium soft-dense rubber for the authentic feel of the official Sherrin ball.

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