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How Do I Shop for AFL Tickets?

AFL stands for Australian Rules Football, and it's one of the more popular sports in the land. Similar to rugby, AFL is slightly different and is more similar to American football. The game first was popularised in the 1800's with only several clubs, but today, 18 teams exists across the nation. Similarly to the NFL in America (National Football League) and the CFL in Canada (Canadian Football League), only Australian teams play against Australian teams, and it is not an international league. Because of its popularity and competitive nature, footy tickets, and good seats, can sometimes be hard to find.

What Are Advantages of Buying AFL Tickets Online?

Season tickets are readily available for season ticket holders, but if your aim is to attend merely one game from your favourite club, you're often left out in the cold. There are some advantages to looking for tickets that are not available from official outlets.

  • Better seating: Sometimes, you can get better seating (and a better view) than you would browsing available official tickets.
  • Last-minute sales: Many season holders may have a last-minute change of plans, and may have to get rid of their tickets quickly at a lower cost.
  • Pick your team: You can pick exactly which game you want, at the arena you choose, with the teams you want to see.
  • Access: Buying online gives you access to the most popular events, such as AFL final tickets, AFL grand final tickets and AFL grand final packages.

What Are Some Popular Teams?

The most popular teams often coincide with the teams that have won the most premierships (or championships). Some of the most well-regarded teams include:

  • Collingwood: This club has played in the most grand finals, and has been a premier 15 times over, including four years in a row in the 1920's.
  • Essendon: Another top team, this club has reached the zenith 16 times.
  • Carlton: Tied with Essendon, this team has also won the premiership 16 times.

How Do I Prepare for a Game?

If it's your first time attending an AFL game, there are some things to keep in mind before attending.

  • Food: It's not uncommon to have a barbie before an AFL event, especially a championship. In this case, you can bring your own BBQ and supplies.
  • Rules: With international security levels on the rise, it's best to check the security rules and regulations of the particular stadium you're attending before the game, to see if cameras, bags and other items are allowed.
  • Gear: If you're going to see your favourite team, be sure you have plenty of fan gear to wear to the event, such as jerseys, hats and scarves.