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Anima sana in corpore sano' is the phrase on which ASICS was built – 'a healthy mind (or soul) in a healthy body'. The company strives to promote health and fitness around the world, with the hope of improving people's overall wellbeing. It produces a large range of clothing and footwear to support people in getting fit and healthy.

GT shoes

ASICS' GT collection is one of its most well-known sets of running shoes. Featuring springy foam soles with gel cushions, it minimises impact shock and supports your whole foot to achieve a comfortable, lasting running stride.

Are they suitable for my feet's pronating?

'Pronating' refers to the amount of roll that your natural foot movement includes when you're running. Some people's feet roll a lot, from the outside of the heel to the inner edge of the ball of the foot, putting stress on the first two toes and the knee; this is known as over-pronating. Other people's feet just roll a little, from the outer edge of the heel to the middle of the ball of the foot; this is called neutral pronating, and it causes the least stress on your joints. Under-pronating, or supinating, is where the foot doesn't roll enough, so your weight stays on the outside of the foot. GT running shoes are designed for over-pronation and neutral pronation. If you're not sure what your pronation is like, have a look at the wear on your last pair of running shoes. Where did they wear the most in the front and back? This should give you an idea of your natural foot movement.

Colours and sizing

You can find ASICS GT series in a range of colours, although the men's range tends to centre around the classic black, navy, and white, sometimes with a bold splash of red. They come in a huge range of sizes from 7 to 17, including different widths, from D to 4E for men. If you need a narrower size, check out the women's GT range.