Aboriginal Art Paintings

Aboriginal Paintings

Created by the skilled hands of indigenous people, Aboriginal paintings are one of the oldest type of paintings available. The designs are based on traditional, old stories of the people, and colours and designs are specific to certain regions as well as the subject matter. Lauded for its contemporary designs and colours, the artwork adds a distinct look to any room.

Paint the Town

Before you choose the right Aboriginal art for your home, youll need to decide what type of artwork you desire. Splurge on original paintings by the artist, or opt for a more budget-friendly reprint of a painting. Original artwork really captures the textures of the artists technique, but reprints offer a cost-effective option for collectors who simply love the look of these cultural pieces.

Whats It All About?

The amazing and inspiring thing about Aboriginal art is that each piece tells a story, and there are many topics to choose from. You may enjoy the look of abstract art, or maybe Aboriginal bush medicine leaves paintingsare more your style. Choose nature-inspired landscape prints, like Aboriginal desert art paintings, or enjoy paintings that feature animals, like fish or insects.

Modern Love

Like all other types of art, Aboriginal art has multiple style categories, including Art Deco, Modern, Country, and Realism. Dot painting means the artist has used painstaking dots of different sizes to create the image, resulting in a stunning overall painting.

A Black or White Issue

Colour plays a large part in Aboriginal works. Since most artists used local materials to create their paintings, most early works only offer a few specific shades, including red and yellow. Now, the colour palette has widened to offer warmer tones and brighter options, creating even more visually appealing works to pick from.