Aboriginal Art Sculptures

Aboriginal Art Sculptures

Art pieces of each country are unique and represent the culture and its richness. Aboriginal art refers to local art pieces made by native Australians. Aboriginal art pieces have a lot of demand not just in Australia but also in the global markets and among global art collectors. Aboriginal art sculptures are very famous among art collectors and can add true aesthetic and unique touch to any room. Aboriginal art sculptures are made in various designs in either clay, Plaster of Paris, red clay, wood or metal. Some aboriginal art sculptures combine two materials such as with metal and wooden or stone detailing.

Aboriginal Art Sculptures in Metal

Aboriginal art sculptures in metal are available in form of abstract designs, sculptures of human faces and bodies, musical instruments, and different animals, birds or insects. In some aboriginal art sculptures, a single metal is used. Whereas, other aboriginal art sculptures can be made of different types and colours of metals. The price of the aboriginal art sculptures usually depends on the type of metal used, the intricacy of the design, the reputation of the sculptor and the size of the sculpture.

Aboriginal Art Sculptures in Timber

Aboriginal art sculptures in timber are usually painted over the wood. A lot of intricate designs can be created using timber and different types of paints. Aboriginal art sculptures in timber are much lighter than their metallic counterparts. The prices of aboriginal art sculptures in timber depends on the intricacy of the carving and the design and if and how much paint is involved in the overall design. Designs of animals and birds are usually very popular and these sculptures are created using metals, stones and wood carvings.