Above-Ground Pools

Before Buying an Above Ground Pool

Thinking about investing in an above ground swimming pool? An above ground pool can be the perfect option for backyard swimming, but buying one requires planning and preparation. Before buying an above ground pool, first think about the size of the pool required. Measure the space available, and bear in mind that if a pool deck is to be installed around it, this will take up additional space. The pool will have to be placed on an absolutely level surface, so if this is not available, the area may need to be built up before going ahead with the purchase.

There is also the cost to consider. Above ground pools can be fairly inexpensive, depending on the type of pool. However, its not just the initial cost to consider. If there is a pool deck to be built and a level ground to be created, this costs money. There is also the ongoing maintenance to think about, as well as draining or winterising the pool over winter months. For some people, an inflatable pool that can be easily assembled and taken down when needed can be a better option.

Buying an Above Ground Pool

Ready to buy? Of course, eBay is the perfect place to compare above ground pool options. Buyers can find everything from above ground pools and pool chemicals, to pool and spa pumpsand pool covers and rollers. When buying, think about the shape of the pool, to work out whether a round, oval or rectangular pool would best fit the space available. Consider the depth of the pool, the frame and liner style, and what kind of pump and filter system would work best. Think about pool sanitation and how to keep it clean, about pool access, and about pool cleaning, lighting and heating options. Now, yes now, its time to buy!

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