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Accu-Check Diabetes Test Strips

Living with diabetes doesn’t have to be hard nowadays; technology has come a long way in identifying and dealing with diabetes and its complications, but one factor that remains is the fact that your sugar levels can rapidly change as you’re busy living your life. Accu-Chek’s over-the-counter diabetes testing strips will help you figure out if you need to take action, anytime, anywhere.

Easy Testing

Accu-Check over-the-counter glucose monitors work by using one of these strips. You insert the strip into the device and make sure it’s turned on. It’s a good idea to wash and dry your hands, and using warm water will help with blood flow. Lance your finger to get a drop of blood, and touch the drop of blood to the end of the testing strip. Once the meter decides it has enough blood to begin the test, it will just take about five seconds to get your results. Not every meter from Accu-Chek takes the same type of testing strip, so make sure you’re getting the right kind of strip, or it may affect your test results. You should work with your doctor to determine when to test, but commonly you may be asked to test before and after meals and physical activity.


A crucial step in any glucose level test is obtaining the blood that the test needs to work. The main way of doing this is by using a lancing device; essentially a pen with a needle that you hold against your finger and click down to pierce the skin and get a drop of blood. When you do this, it’s a good idea not to use the same spot over and over. It also pays to bear in mind that the sides of your fingers have fewer nerve endings than the pads, and so will be less painful to pierce. Also available are Accu-Check over-the-counter diabetic aids that include these lancing devices.

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