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A good night’s sleep is imperative for everyone if you want to function properly, and this is particularly the case with children. Studies have found that children who get adequate sleep generally behave better, have a higher attention span and generally have better mental and physical health. Key to a good night’s sleep is having a space which allows it – and a bedroom that is dark, cluttered or unappealing can really impact your child’s restfulness and mood.

Adairs homewares

Thankfully we’re now living in a world that offers an abundance of colourful options for home décor, and when it comes to shopping online, eBay is your best bet. Adairs Kids is one brand that can help you achieve the perfect place for rest for your child, with a range of options for all kinds of tastes. Knowing your child is sleeping in comfort will help you to have a peaceful night’s sleep yourself.

Adairs is a specialty retailer of homewares and home furnishings, opening its first store in the early 1900s. Today, there are more than 160 stores across Australia and New Zealand under five brands – Adairs, Adairs Homemaker, Adairs Kids, Urban Home Republic and Adairs Outlets.

The Adairs Kids range allows your child’s imagination to overflow through stunning designs and quality workmanship.

The Adairs Kid’s range

The range of Adairs kids bedding will have their bedroom looking like it was pulled from the pages of an interior design magazine. The best prices for Adairs quilt covers, sheet sets and pillowcases can be found right here on eBay. Be practical with pillow protectors or stylish with a bed wrap. Shop for kids’ flannelette options to keep them warm in winter, or opt for cotton designs to stay cool in summer. Kids pillowcases come with a range of designs, including dinosaurs, trucks, unicorns and mermaids, so you can add a little touch of magic to their room. Everything your child’s bedroom needs to be comfortable and look amazing can be found with Adairs.

When it comes to adding colour to your child’s room, you don’t always have to go overboard. In fact, Adairs kids quilt covers can help make your children's rooms cozy, comfortable and fun! You’ll find a range of colours and patterns, including the ever-popular Dinosaur Stomp and Enchanted Fairy, along with patterns of heavy machinery, puppy dogs and whales, butterflies and bunnies; just to name a few!

The Adairs kids range on eBay doesn't just stop with the beds either. You will also find a range of furniture available, including bedheads and rocking chairs, blanket boxes and desks; as well as great gift options for children of all ages. There are cushions and beach towels, throw rugs and wall art, even wooden and plush toys! Whether you’re buying for your own children, your grandkids or you are shopping for gifts for a friend, Adairs has something for everyone.

The best thing about shopping on eBay for Adairs Kids? You’ll find both new and used products to suit every budget. eBay ensures you get the best prices, delivered straight to your door; it's a winning combination!