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Adjustable Beds

As with any other type of bed, adjustable beds come in a variety of sizes, from single and double options, to queen and king sizes. What sets adjustable beds apart though, is their functionality. Adjustable beds - as the name would suggest - are adjustable. This means that either the bed framesadjust to shape the mattress, or they lift and move to offer extra storage. How does that work exactly?

First up, storage. Yes, standard beds can offer storage options, providing under-bed storage in the form of drawers - but, adjustable beds can offer even more storage. By using gas lifts, an adjustable bed can lift up off the bed frame to offer ample storage for items such as blankets, towels and winter clothes. However, adjustable beds are perhaps best known for their supportive properties. By adjusting to lift either end of the mattress, an adjustable bed can create a position that is more comfortable and supportive for the sleeper. This can also come in handy when watching TV or reading in bed, or even when working on the laptop.

Buying an Adjustable Bed

With their added functionality, adjustable beds tend to be more expensive than standard beds. But, for those who suffer back pain or who need that extra support while sleeping, that extra cost is worth it. When buying an adjustable bed, check out the range of movement it offers to ensure it offers the support needed. Its also a good idea to look at the brand and its reliability. The warranty on offer is usually an indication of quality - so remember, the very cheapest option may not be the best option. As with any other bed, think about the size of bed required, as well as the delivery options available. Some sellers may offer free delivery, while others may only offer local pick-up. From traditional beds and adjustable beds, to water beds and loft beds, eBay is the place to go to find them all!

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