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Adjustable Height Desks

Desks with Adjustable Height

One of the issues that office workers and those who spend much of their day working on a computer have is becoming sedentary, which is bad for the human body and can lead to a variety of health issues. While getting up and walking around once or twice every hour can combat this, its not something thats feasible for everyone. A height-adjustable desk can help reduce some of these issues.

What are some benefits of adjustable-height desks?

People in offices, whether in a professional environment or who work from home, can benefit from a height-adjustable desk, also known as a standing desk or a sit-stand desk because these allow the user to stand up while using them, but sit down when necessary. This type of office furniture helps improve blood circulation, especially to the lower extremities, and even allows for a little exercise while working.

What features are available with height-adjustable desks?

Some features to look for in an ergonomic desk like a height-adjustable desk include:

  • Preset heights
  • Quiet motors
  • Able to lift heavy weights
  • Wood finishes

Most sit-stand desk can support at least 200 pounds comfortable and many can list more than 300 pounds, making them able to lift a hard drive and multiple monitors with ease.