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Adjustable Hole Cutter Drill Bits

Drilling holes may seem like an easy task, but when those holes need to be large, things start getting more complicated. Hole cutter drill bits come in standard sizes and are useful to cut holes for standard-sized items, such as keyholes. They also come in varieties capable of cutting through different materials, such as diamond drill bits for cutting through concrete and stone. However, if you need to drill holes of different sizes quickly, especially some that are not standard sizes, then adjustable hole cutter drill bits can make the process a lot simpler.

Types of Hole Saw Drill Bits

Some types of adjustable hole saws feature a flat disc with grooves on one side. Thin strips resembling saw blades fit into the grooves, allowing users to cut holes of different sizes. However, these sizes are limited to the diameter of the grooves on the disc. Newer varieties feature an arm that extends perpendicular to the drill. At one or both ends of the arm are cutting tips that extend parallel to the drill into the surface to be cut.

How They Work

Adjustable hole cutter drill bits work much like a drafting compass. The drill's chuck acts as the centre and the bit's arm rotates in a circle around it. The cutting tip then proceeds to cut a hole with a radius that is as large as the distance between the centre of the drill and the position of the cutting tip. You can adjust the position of the cutting tip to arbitrary lengths along the drill bit's arm, which makes it possible to cut holes of any diameter within the range of the drill bit. You can also attach the bits to handheld drills or a drill press.


Dedicated hole cutter drill bits are better than twist drills or spade drills for diameters larger than 25 mm, and adjustable hole cutter drill bits are no exception. This makes them an ideal choice for cutting holes to install speakers, security systems and lights.

Extra Features

Some types of adjustable hole cutter drill bits come with a debris shield. This is especially useful when drilling holes in ceilings. In addition some types use a quick lock to set and lock the position of the cutting tip, making adjustments to the size of the hole a very quick and simple matter.

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