Adult Scooters

Scooters Are Not Just For Kids

It is a common misconception that scooters are only made for children, but adult scooters are available and can be a lot of fun for many teenagers and adults. Aside from the fun factor, adult scooters are actually a convenient means of transportation, environmentally friendly, and they do not need their own parking garage. The scooter you choose will largely depend on where you plan to travel with it.

Adult Scooter Wheels

The wheels on your scooter may be your biggest consideration because they are available in different sizes. Essentially, bigger diameters produce faster speeds. Additionally, the material used in manufacturing the wheel should also be taken into consideration as harder rubbers last longer, but softer rubber provides better grip and comfort.

Adult Scooter Deck Bearings and Brakes

At a glance, push scooters seem to only consist of a deck, handles, and wheels. The deck refers to the area where you stand on the scooter, which is generally made of a sturdy material such as aluminium. However, the bearings in the scooter helps to determine how hard you will need to push and how easily the scooter will flow. The bearings have a standard defined by ABEC and a number. A lower number has a lower speed. For instance, a scooter with an ABEC 7 bearing rating will be a bit more fluid and does not require that much pushing. The brakes are often found to the front of the scooter or on the handles, but can also be above the back wheel.

Short Journey Scooters

If you plan to use your scooter for short distances, a mini micro scooter may be sufficient in size and features. A scooter with an ABEC 5 bearing and a wheel diameter of about 175mm could easily handle a journey up to 2 kilometres.

Long Journey Scooters

Any journey over 2 kilometres will most likely require speed and comfort. A scooter with a wheel diameter of over 200mm will require less pushing for longer distances. Additionally, one with suspension is probably best to minimise any bumps in the road that you may come across over the duration of the journey.

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