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 With record breaking heat around Australia this summer, it wouldn't be surprising if you are looking for an air conditioner for your home. There is a range of choices. You can purchase sleek, wall mounted reverse-cycle systems or window box air conditioners that sit inside a window frame. You can add a portable air-conditioning unit that you take with you when you move. eBay can help you find the air conditioning system that best suits your needs. 

Reverse cycle for all seasons

Summers may be hot but equally you feel the cold in winter. Reverse cycle air conditioners are the best option for all seasons. Benefit from air cooling in the summer and heating for winter. The latest reverse cycle systems are wall mounted with the compressor unit placed outside the home. The internal units are slim-line and can be purchased in a finish that complements your decor. These units are powerful and will cool and heat large spaces, reaching multiple rooms. Wall units operate with minimal noise, are remote controlled and have timer options. 

Window Box 

The window box air conditioner can also be a reverse cycle or split system. These traditional style units sit inside the frame of the window, expelling warm air from the room and returning cool air or the reverse for heating. Compact and cheaper than wall mounted models, this air conditioning unit is perfect for cooling smaller homes or space-restricted areas. 

Portable  If you rent, a portable air conditioner may be the perfect solution for you. Portable systems come in a range of sizes to match the space you need to cool. They are portable but need to be fitted to a window with a filler panel to close the gap in an open window and direct hot air outside using an exhaust hose. They can be reverse cycle and dehumidifiers also. Portable air conditioners also offer on/off and sleep timers and are operated by a remote control with a temperature gauge.   With so many choices let eBay help you select the air-conditioning model that best suits your needs.

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