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Looking for a way to stay a bit more comfortabale when the temperature hots up or cools down? Reverse cycle air conditioners take air from outside the room, uses refrigerant to either cool it down the air or hott it up and then passes that air into the room to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

A portable air conditioner reverse cycle typically consists of a separate indoor and outdoor unit connected by refrigerant. There are various operating modes available on most machines, including cool, heat, automatic, high, medium, and low settings. They connect to your electrical plug in the wall. eBay carries a variety of options so you can choose one that fits your living situation the best.

The advantages of a portable reverse cycle air conditioner
The advantage of portable air conditioners with reverse cycle is they provide both cooling and heating and are one of the most economical forms of heating and cooling equipment. They have no exposed elements or flames, and they filter the air on its way through.

A portable reverse cycle air conditioner can be moved from room to room, or even house to house if required. They are particularly useful when smaller rooms need to be cooled at different times, for example, your home office during the day and your bedroom at night. They're also great if you're renting or when permanent air conditioning is otherwise unable to be installed.

What to look for when buying a portable reverse cycle air conditioner
Most manufacturers don't recommend using an extension cord with your portable reverse cycle air conditioner due to the risk of overheating or fire. Because of this, you'll want to check that the electrical cord on the air conditioner is long enough for the location in which you're looking to deploy the machine.

Consider if you'll need a remote control to make turning your portable air conditioner reverse cycle on, up, and off a total breeze. Timers also help keep the operation of your portable reverse cycle air conditioner efficient and effective.

Stay comfortable at home regardless of the temperature with a portable reverse cycle air conditioner from eBay.

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