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Get your fried food fix at home with an air fryer from eBay 

Air fryers get a bit of a bad wrap, which in turn makes many a bit afraid to try to fry at home. Everybody knows that crispy, golden food is not exactly the most healthy thing you can put into your body. But air fryers might actually be better off if they were called by a more appropriate name, something along the lines of “air cookers.”    You might be surprised by just how many things you can make in one of the new air fryers available online every day on eBay.   

How do air fryers work? 

Air fryers work by rapidly circulating hot air around a small kitchen appliance to cook the food or ingredients added within.    

What can you cook in air fryers?

 You can cook red meat, fish, frozen food and more in an air fryer.   This might surprise some, as most hear the word “fry” and think of the hot chips accompanying fish or other tasty, crispy foods.    

Are air fryers healthy? 

Air fryers can be a healthier way to cook because they require less oil than other frying methods.   Even foods that don’t require a lot of oils can be cooked in an air fryer in a way that makes them less fatty, which can help reduce the amount of calories you intake. That being said, moderation is key when it comes to fried foods no matter how they are made.   

eBay’s range of air fryers includes machines from huge, trusted brands such as Philips, Kambrook, Healthy Choice and more. And with a variety of sizes and colours, there are plenty of options for your kitchen bench.    

Why not give it a fry? Find a new air fryer and air fryer parts, as well as other small appliance parts and accessories, on eBay today.   

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