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Air Paint Sprayers

A paint sprayer makes any paint job much easier as it takes much less time than the traditional methods like brushes and rolls. Besides making less effort, you also get better, consistent paint coverage. Paint sprayers are best helpers for repetitive and tedious painting tasks or for surfaces that are hard to paint or reach with traditional tools. Learn more about air paint sprayer types and their important features.

Air Paint Sprayer Types

Air paint sprayers fall into two big categories: compressed air paint sprayers and HVLP paint sprayers. The compressed air paint sprayers use compressed air to force the paint out of the can. Being foolproof, they are especially useful for DIY novices. The compressed air paint sprayer is best for painting furniture. Remember that you need an air compressor to operate these. The HVLP paint sprayers are high volume, low-pressure tools that create less mess and waste than the compressed air sprayers. They usually work only for thinner paints, allowing paint droplets to stick onto surfaces.

Air Paint Sprayer Portability and Flexibility

Portable paint sprayers allow you to complete projects outdoors. Sometimes, it is also better to paint cabinets and other furniture outside to avoid making a mess. Backpack-style sprayers or sprayers with wheels are portable. Flexibility is another important feature to consider. Being able to choose your preferred speed, dispense paint at various levels of thickness or use spraying patterns can be useful.

Air Paint Sprayer Cleanup

Cleaning up your tools may not be the most pleasant task to handle, but it is inevitable. Taking apart the sprayer requires a lot of time and patience. If you do it wrong, paint can get everywhere. Some models include a garden hose or features that simplify the cleaning process.

Air Paint Sprayer Accessories

The sprayer accessories can make your life even easier. For versatility, opt for multiple hoses, as you need different lengths for different purposes. With extensions, you can paint ceilings and other hard to reach areas. Filters provide a smooth finish and keep the contaminants in the paint at minimum, also preventing splattering and clogging. Protectants keep corrosion, sticking or freezing to a minimum.

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