Airbrush Kit

Ideal airbrush kits for pros and beginners

If you are interested in buying an airbrush, its a good idea to start with an airbrush kit. An airbrush kit should have everything you need to get started including an airbrush, compressor, brush, hose, paint and other essential supplies. Browse away on eBay for high-quality airbrush kits.

Airbrush kit

The price of a single airbrush can be quite steep if you dont know where to look, which is why an airbrush kit is so useful. Youll receive a variety of supplies depending on which kit you go for. A good kit will include various sizes and offer incredible control of the air and colour with a range of very fine to coarse textures.

Single-action airbrush

Its important to control the air so you can change the width of the applied line. A single-action brush will control the airflow but not the paint. Its a great brush for beginners as it tends to be quite easy to use and maintain.

Double-action airbrush

If you want to control both the air and the paint volume, go for a double-action airbrush. This type of brush adjusts the paint so you can determine how much paint flows from the brush. This is great for more experienced model builders who want more precision and control over the airbrush.

Air compressor kit

An airbrush needs a compressor to work properly. Most kits will include a compressor but you will need to make sure that you have the right compressor for the job.

An airbrush cleaning kit will include the necessary cleaning supplies to keep your items in top condition for better performance. Its important to clean your airbrushes regularly and properly to ensure the best possible experience. Its also a good way to avoid mixing unwanted colours when painting objects such as model toys.