Keep your tanning cleaner with an airbrush tanning tent from eBay

Airbrush tanning tents are an essential piece of equipment whether you are spray tanning in a salon or at home. Designed to be used with an airbrush tanning compressor and gun, these tents keep overspray from getting on the walls, floor and other items.

Ease of use and portability

The most common type of airbrush tanning tent is the pop-up kind. They quickly and easily pop into shape upon removal from their bag and can therefore be used anywhere. This is ideal for at home or as part of a mobile tanning business or hobby.

Basically, you just unzip the bag and pull the tent out. Pop it up and open the panels of the tent to create a three-walled room with an entrance.

To clean up, wipe the inside walls of the tent with a wet cloth, making it clean and ready for the next spray tanning session. Once dry, the tent can be easily folded back into the carry bag for portability.

Features to look out for

Spray tents come in different sizes, so make sure you get one large enough for your needs.

If you plan to use an extraction fan, look for one that has a flap in the back to allow this to happen. A clear top will let in extra light, ensuring you can see when you are spraying.

Tents come in a few different colours, with some popular options being black, brown and pink. Black will ensure you don’t see the residual spray tan on the walls and floor. A floor that is waterproof and leakproof is optimal as well. In addition to airbrush tanning tents, check out eBay's range of other sun protection and tanning supplies to get all the other pieces you need for your routine.