Popular Alesis Products

Unleash the musician within you with Alesis equipment

Alesis produces quality, affordable, and professional music and audio technology for the modern musician, including ground-breaking studio recording, electronic percussion, keyboard, and live sound gear. Whether you're a musician, a producer, or an engineer, Alesis produces the equipment you need to create unforgettable music experiences, ensuring you sound your best every time you play, record, or perform.

On eBay, you'll find a wide range of Alesis equipment to meet your needs and your budget, including electronic drum kits, keyboards, headphones, recording equipment, and much more.

Alesis electronic drum kits

Alesis drum kits have been an industry favourite for over 25 years, thanks to their compact design and their silent practice ability. Popular Alesis electronic kits include the Strike Pro Kit, the Crimson Mesh Kit, the Command Kit, the DM10 MKII Pro Kit, and the DM10 Studio Kit.

Discover Alesis electronic drum kits for a range of different levels of skill. Of course, as well as full kits, individual bass drums, snare drums, drum toms, cymbals, and more are also available, letting you fully customise your kit.

Alesis keyboards

Alesis produces a variety of high performance, professional keyboards, including the Melody 61, the Harmony 61, and the Coda Pro. Using the very latest technology, these innovative keyboards will ensure that you always sound your best. The brand also produces a range of accessories to optimise the performance of your keyboard, including the Coda Piano Stand, the Vortex Gig Bag, and the USB-MIDI Cable.

Find a wide range of Alesis keyboards and keyboard accessories that are sure to meet your musical needs, whether you're a professional, recording musician or a newcomer to the instrument.

Alesis headphones

Alesis headphones are designed to provide professional level monitoring for the modern drummer, letting you hear every tiny detail made when playing your electric drum kit.