All-in-One PC Desktops

When you want a PC but don't have space for the clutter of a computer tower, consider all-in-one PC desktops. All-in-one options give you the feel of a desktop computer, without the hassle of the added equipment as all of the technology is built right into the monitor itself. These units are a step up from the cumbersome computers of the past, and they come with many modern features.

Brand Loyalty

As with any tech item, brand can play a large part in the purchasing decision. Whether you have a favourite brand, such as Acer, Dell, or Lenovo, or you want to try a new-to-you high-quality brand, like HP, most brands offer a range of desktop computers to pick from. Consider your budget as well as the features you desire, and that makes the decision a bit less intimidating. Lenovo specialises in PCs for gaming and work, while HP offers all-around computers for every use.

PC Pluses

All-in-one desktops aren't lacking when it comes to features. Some options to look for include a touchscreen, which creates a more interactive computer experience, an adjustable stand for just the right viewing angles, a powerful processor, gaming graphics cards, and anti-glare monitors. If streaming media is important to you, check the machine's media centre to see what options are available. Opt for options with a wired or wireless keyboard and mouse, and choose a PC with the ports you require for peripherals.

PC Storage

Storage is a big factor when it comes to picking a PC. All-in-One 8 GB PC desktopsoffer a small amount of storage for minimal memory, while a larger capacity all-in-one 16 GB or more PC desktopgives you the storage you need and more. Consider the games, apps, files, and media you use before choosing memory to ensure you'll have enough. In most cases, you can easily upgrade memory by adding an additional hard drive to your PC in case you require more GB later on.

Size it Up

All-in-ones vary in size, and what you require depends on how you use your PC. A larger screen means you can have more windows open at once, so you don't have to click back and forth. If this idea appeals to you, choose a 27-inch PC. Alternately, if smaller is better for you, stay in the 15- to 17-inch range. Or, pull out all the stops and enjoy the beauty of a 34-inch curved display, which works well for viewing movies and videos.