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Aluminium Scaffolding Ladders

Aluminium scaffolding ladders are strong and durable, but lightweight. Two qualities needed for safe use. Especially if you will be using a scaffolding ladder and equipment to access hard to reach areas and undertake any work at heights. When you are looking to buy a scaffolding gear always look for the type and design that suits the work you are going to do. Also, consider your own height and body weight, and any tools and equipment you will be using. With any type of scaffolding or ladder purchases and use, it is a matter of safety first, at all times. Aluminium scaffolds are a structure under Australian health and safety regulations. For home or work use, know the hazards and risks associated with your type of scaffolding and how to manage these to prevent accidents or injuries.

Towers and Mobile Scaffold Sets

Scaffold towers and sets have vertical, horizontal and diagonal framing and bracing to support plank and body weight. Folding portable options with caster wheels allow for easily moving around an area, or along a wall and locking in place when in use. Check that planks or walk-boards have serrated surfaces or non-slip materials or friction strips to give good grip. For upper platforms, built-in hatches provide safer access and ascent to the top level. Ensure all pieces interlock tightly, and the unit, whether mobile or rigid is adjustable to sit evenly on any surface.

Trestle Scaffolding

Trestle scaffolds are planks or work platforms that get support and elevation from an a-frame trestle ladder or the rungs of a multi-function ladder. Some multi-purpose ladders designs transform into a trestle configuration or work platform customised to your needs. Trestle scaffolds are usually best suited to indoor use and excellent for placing tools and equipment beside you as you work.

Adjustable Work Platforms

A small portable and affordable option for a small scaffolding system for household use is specifically designed aluminium workbench platforms. These offer a sturdy attached aluminium platform attached to adjustable legs at each end to customise for different heights and uneven surfaces. Aluminium work platforms are ideal for household painting and maintenance tasks and work around steps and stairs.

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