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Got one to sell?

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Android Phones

In the age of 4K video recording, high-resolution image capturing, and graphically intensive games for Android phones and other mobile phones, even the latest device of yesteryear with 64 GB of internal storage may not be able to cut it anymore. This is why 128 GB mobile phones are becoming the gold standard for top-of-the-line flagships so the best phone you buy lasts years of use without running out of space.


One of the biggest improvements in the last half-decade in the mobile phone industry is the camera. Gone are the days of potato-quality images from your phones. Now you can basically turn your phone into a media creation machine since 4K video recording and optical image stabilisation is becoming more and more common. You can throw your smartphone camera footage into an image processing program or video editing software and actually get high post-production quality. 128 GB Android phones with 20 MP or more cameras are excellent choices if you want high resolution pictures and videos for posting on social media. Resolution isn’t everything though, and most 128 GB Android phones with 12.0 to 15.9 MP cameras make up for the slightly lower resolution footage and images by employing software tricks and optical image stabilisation to give you crisper pictures and videos. The slightly lower resolution also means that each picture or video file takes up less storage space.


With the large internal storage comes excellent screen quality when choosing a 128 GB Android phone. Consider the Samsung Galaxy S8 flagship if you want near-zero bezels and a unique experience with its approximately 83.6 percent screen-to-body ratio and 1440 by 2960 pixel resolution. The ASUS Zenfone AR also comes in a 128 GB variant and has a large 5.7-inch 1440 by 2560 pixel screen resolution that’s beautiful and durable due to the Gorilla Glass 4 front glass.

Processing Power

Flagships launching with 128 GB of internal storage also come with powerful processors that ensure that the phones are snappy all around. Some have quad-core processors comprised of a pair of high-frequency processors and another pair of low frequency processors for low-power workloads. This also lengthens battery life due to these power-efficient processors.

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