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Enjoy playing sport or going for a run but find that ankle pain and instability are consistently holding you back? It's time to do something about it. An ASO ankle brace can provide ankle support whilst you're recovering from an injury, or can help prevent another from occurring.

What does ASO ankle support do?

The ASO ankle brace replicates more traditional athletic taping applications. It features a basket weave wrap over the top of a lace up brace, giving two support types and effectively locking the heel in place, keeping the joint at a 45 degree angle. Some ASO ankle supports also include removable plastic pieces that provide additional support.

The benefits of an ASO ankle brace

The ASO ankle brace can be more effective for acute or recurring ankle injuries than taping, with the added benefit of being reusable, giving you a chance to benefit from support for your injury or prevent one from occurring whilst you enjoy the sport you love. ASO ankle support is is also low profile, allowing it to fit easily inside most shoe types. That means you can use it on either foot comfortably to prevent rolling or twisting while you play soccer, tennis, netball, basketball or any number of other types of spot.

Don't let unfortunate accidents and injuries get in the way of your achieving your fitness goals and enjoying the sports you love. An ASO ankle brace features many of the benefits of other orthotic braces and orthotic sleeves but adds a quality lace-up aspect to increase protection in one neat package. eBay has a great range of these items, along with compression clothing and other safety products that can keep you on the court or pitch for years to come. Check out what's on offer online every day and get what you need to keep playing at your highest level.

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