Anti-Slip Shower Mats

When you're rushing to get ready it can be easy to lose your balance and have a mishap in the shower. Anti-slip shower mats can help prevent serious injury while you take a shower.

They can greatly reduce the risk of a trip or fall, providing a firm surface as you step in and out of the shower. Choose from a range of easy-to-install anti-slip shower mats from brands such as Blue Canyon, IKEA or Prima.

Adult's Anti-Slip Shower Mats

While men and women of all ages should take care when in the shower, disabled people and the elderly are more prone to being unsteady on their feet and losing their balance. Anti-slip shower mats are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and can provide much-needed stability.

If you'd like something subtle that blends in with the colour of your bath, opt for white or clear shower mats. Other options include blue, green, pink, purple and red. You'll find everything from square and circle shaped designs through to semicircles and flowers.

Children's Anti-Slip Shower Mats

For children, bath and shower time is more about playing than it is washing. But no matter how much fun children are having splashing in the water, safety will always be of utmost importance. An anti-slip mat can ensure that whenever your child enters the shower or bath they'll be protected from injury.

Children's anti-slip shower mats will help your child sit or stand in the shower without fear of slipping. So whether they have soap in between their toes or shampoo in their eyes, the powerful grip of the shower mat will keep them standing.

If you'd like something a little more interesting for your kids to look at while in the shower, why not opt for some bright and colourful designs like orange starfish, blue fish or yellow ducks?