Antique Asian Cabinets

Asia is renowned for the its elaborate tapestries, designs, and art, which carry over into furniture as well. You can tell at a glance that a particular cupboard or armoire is of oriental origin, judging by the patterns, flourishes, wood choice, and finish. After the British colonial influence took full effect on Asian colonies, there came an influx of furniture made for the empire. Subsequently, this made way for the development of modern Asian furniture. However, the antiquarian appeal of the oldest Asian furniture still holds sway among interior designers and discerning homeowners, which is why a lot of antique Asian cabinets and other furniture are circulating on the market today.

Antique Wooden Asian Cabinets

Antique wooden Asian cabinets come in various designs. Some feature smooth finished Sugi wood from Japan, which has a natural dark brown quality that is deep, durable, and incredibly appealing. Japanese cabinets are often very low profile. You can also find antique office drawers from Japan dating back to the 1930s; these were probably in military or civilian offices. Some are made of chestnut wood, which has a dark, serious aesthetic when stained using an oil formulation.

Tall Cabinets

While Japanese cabinets are stocky, short, and conservative, Chinese antique cabinets are often tall with eye-catching, elaborate carvings and patterns. Some Chinese cupboard and cabinet designs are narrow but tall with cabinet doors at the lowest and highest point. Each door often features its own elaborate carving, while a ledge at the top may feature wooden figures carved along its length.

Rustic Designs

Rustic Chinese bedside cabinets employ a combination of wood and iron materials symbolic of the Iron Age they date back to. They are rectangular pieces of furniture with double doors framed with iron bands, studs, and door handles. Perfect as bedside tables, the cabinet also provides additional storage. The solid wooden base provides stability.