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Antique Brass Metalware

Antique Brass Metalware

If you are antique lover of brass and metalware, you’ll know how special it is looking at a shiny item that has a special gleam to it. Brass has gone into various tools and household items for hundreds or thousands of years, so it’s possible to find things that have been around a really long time. You can find many different antique brass items for sale to add to your collection. 

What Kind of Antique Brass and Metalware Items Can I Find?

You can find many different antique brass and metalware items for sale from different eras and countries to add to your collection. Some of the items you can find include:

Caring for Antique Brass and Metalware

Brass does lose its shine over time but you can have its special gleam back by simply polishing it on a regular basis. You should first use soapy water to rinse off any dust and dirt, and then use a dedicated brass polish to wipe over the surface. Lastly, buff the brass until you get a shiny finish.