Enhance the ambience of your home with the character and class of antique furniture

Whilst vintage and retro furniture may be having a moment, for collectables with real staying power, a piece of antique furniture will enhance the ambience of your interiors with character and class.

The term ‘antique' is broadly used to describe a collectable object, for instance, a piece of furniture or work of art that is valued due to its age, quality of craftsmanship and potentially its historical significance. The line between vintage and antique is a sliding scale according to perspective, the 1960s seems antique to someone born in the 1990s! As a general rule of thumb, an item older than a hundred years is considered antique and more of than not, furniture will have a date of manufacture to verify its value.

A solid choice

European antique furniture is widely available in numerous styles and eras here on eBay. One of the key benefits of antique furniture is the use of solid wood rather than the cheaper to produce, veneered wooden items now widely available.

Whilst the type of wood of a piece may not always be known, an antique sideboard in good condition can be a gem waiting to be discovered. Likewise, a set of refectory chairs can add a soft, industrial touch to your dining room.

Keep an eye out for warm and rich walnut and reddish brown colours for a striking antique desk or deep brown mahogany armoires in Chippendale styles. Rosewood is often used where less wood is required, such as Victorian tapestry sofas and for veneering tables and inlaying desks or cabinet drawers, and found in various colours, from darker chocolatey browns to lighter purple or red-brown tones.

Satinwood is lustrous and often mottled in appearance, ranging from pale golden yellow to brownish orange also used for inlaid decorative features in all sorts of Edwardian items such as cabinets, drawers, chairs, and desks.