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Antique Lace Crochet Doilies

Lace doilies became popular when the art of crochet took off in the mid-1800's when young ladies learned to make these delicate crafts by hand. Collectors today have a keen interest in antique lace crochet doilies from this era and beyond, with some being used to create other arts and crafts projects and others to simply collect and admire. Antique lace crochet doilies are delicate pieces that come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and each of them with a rich history behind them.

Antique Pieces

Antique doilies refer to those pieces usually made over 100 years ago, with these antique pieces sometimes coming from the very first creation in the mid 1800's to the early 1900's. Antique linens and doilies such as these are generally treasured due to their antique status and are admired by collectors.

Embroidered and Plain Doilies

One of the most fascinating things about doilies is that they come in all different colours, shapes, sizes and patterns, with literally thousands of variations around the world. The most popular antique doilies are either embroidered with floral designs or plain using cream or white knits, however, there’s no limit to the type of cotton that one can use to create them.

All Sizes of Doilies

Doilies were originally for protecting furniture from the serving of food and drinks, and for that reason, they come in a range of sizes and shapes to reflect this. The most common shape of the doily is a round one, however, it isn’t unusual to find them with intricate edges and floral like shapes. Not to be confused with a tablecloth, a doily is usually smaller in diameter and not much bigger than an outstretched hand.

Doilies for Craft or Collection

Although their initial creation was a practical one, many people now collect vintage doilies simply as a passion and for the love of their delicate designs. Some art and craft makers use vintage lace doilies in their DIY projects like tablecloths and pillow cases which breathes a second life into these beloved antique creations.

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