Give Your Table a Vintage Look With Original Blue Willow Dinnerware

If you are looking to create a vintage look on your dining table, consider Blue Willow china. For over 200 years, people have been using these blue and white dishes made in England. You can also find Blue Willow dishes for sale on eBay for your children's play kitchen.

Are there variations in Blue Willow designs?

Yes, there are some variations in the design of Blue Willow dishes, but they all must share some common elements. All must have a tea house or pagoda along with people crossing an Oriental bridge. The image must also show a tree, a latticework fence, and two birds flying in the sky. Despite the name, new or used Blue Willow is available in many different colours, including red, green, gold, yellow, purple, black, and brown.

What are some brands that made Blue Willow china in England?

Many different companies made or make Blue Willow china all over the world. In England, companies used transfer printing to create images on porcelain, stoneware, ironstone, and bone china pieces. Many of the pieces sought most by collectors of Blue Willow dishes for sale come from England where more than 200 companies produced or are producing this pattern. They include:

  • Johnson Brothers - This family-owned Staffordshire produced tableware from 1890 to 1960 before being eventually brought out by Wedgwood Group who closed it.
  • Bakewell Bros. Ltd - This company produced its first Blue Willow dishes in 1790, and it marked many of their pieces “Old Willow” on the back.
  • Royal Worcester - In the late 1700s and early 1800s, this company produced many bone china Blue Willow dishes that department stores sold. They were also one of the first producers of Blue Willow dishes given as store premiums.
  • Spode - This company made some of the earliest Blue Willow dishes. The company has introduced several Blue Willow designs. They produced their Blue Willow Italian design from 1816 until the present.
  • Swansea - From 1811 to 1870, Swansea produced dinnerware, and collectors often seek their Blue Willow dishes for sale.
Identifying where Blue Willow china was made

Blue Willow china has been made in many different countries. Law requires most manufacturers to mark their pieces with their manufacturing country. Location markings can hold important clues about manufacturing dates. For example, if the piece is marked "Nippon," it was made in Japan between 1891 and 1921. Between 1921 and 1945 and after 1952 are marked "Japan." Those made from 1945 to 1952 are marked "Made in Occupied Japan," and collectors often watch for these pieces. Additionally, manufacturers often marked pieces with just the letter "C" in Czechoslovakia in the early 20th century. After 1918, most manufacturers marked their Blue Willow plates and other dinnerware pieces from Czechoslovakia.