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Globes are amazing, both as gifts or as centrepieces for your home. They can inspire people to learn more about our world and even provide a fun way to pick your next travel destination. Sure, you could use a world map poster, but it's much more fun to spin the globe and see where your finger lands. What many people don't realise is that there are many different kinds of world globes for sale. eBay sellers offer a wide range that includes many beautiful globes.These are one of the most common globes that people buy. In a political globe, each country is shown in contrasting colours to the one next to it, making it easy to see the extent of each country and its borders. They tend to have large amounts of labelling to let you know which country is which, as well as where the famous cities, rivers and mountains are.These globes tend to be the most visually appealing, however they can make it more difficult to identify which country is which. Instead of highlighting the different countries, physical world globes attempt to show the world as it really is. Jungles are green, deserts are brown, mountain ranges are topped with white, while oceans are a deep blue. The colours in these globes tend to be beautiful, making them a good choice for map collectors. They are great for getting an idea of the natural features of the world, rather than all of the arbitrary borders that humans have made.A raised relief globe takes things a little bit further and uses texture to show the differences in the earth's terrain. Mountain ranges are slightly raised, while some globes have oceans that are indented. These globes can be great for getting a sense of perspective in our world and for making comparisons between natural features.

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