Antivirus Security Software

It's easy to overlook the importance of antivirus software for your PC security. In addition to protecting your computer and files against malicious attack, antivirus software can also play an important role in maintaining the optimal performance of your system. Whether you're after hardware key antivirus security software in a dongle format or antivirus and security DVD software that can be installed via a disk, there are options from some of the world's most trusted brands.

Computer Performance

If your computer does become infected with a virus, it can significantly impact the overall performance, eating into hard drive space, blocking particular programs and sometimes even denying you access to the Internet. It can slow your system down to the extent that even doing the simplest of tasks can take hours. Antivirus security software can block any attempts to install malware that may cause these effects, provided regular scanning is conducted.

Personal Data Theft

Computers are used to do a rapidly increasing number of tasks, from online tax to banking and the sharing of personal documents. As a result, cybercrime is one of the fastest growing illegal activities in the world with personal data and even identities stolen online. Viruses disguised as search engine listings and adverts can also lead users, particularly children, to unsuitable online sites.

Hard Drive Complications

If your computer becomes infected with a really malicious virus, it can even wipe your hard drive and make your device unworkable. Not only can this result in important data being lost that may impact your work or personal life, but some viruses are also designed to alter data on a hard drive. Even if you spend the money to purchase a new hard drive, essential information may be lost altogether.

Choose Your Level of Security

When selecting an antivirus security software for your home or office, you can choose the level of protection that meets your needs. Leading brands, such as Symantec Norton and Kaspersky, have different packages, from basic standard protection for one device up to premium antivirus security software for multiple devices that offers superior protection.