Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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32 GB Apple iPadsr

There are times you need a lot of oompf in your computer to allow it to run the latest games or powerful professional software, and then there’s the times you’re just lounging on the couch with Facebook and some games, or maybe a good (audio)book. That’s when you don’t have to bother with a desktop or laptop, you can just get a tablet or eBook reader. The 32 GB iPad is a fantastic portal of ready access to the internet and all your favourite apps both at home and on the go.

Just the Right Size

Size is a big factor in picking out a good tablet. You don’t want it so big it gets unwieldy, because then you might as well grab the laptop. But you also don’t want it to be so small that you essentially have a second smartphone. Most iPads come in at a very respectable, but not too chunky, 9.7”. This is always the case for the 32 GB models, regardless of whether it’s a 2nd Generation 32 GB Apple iPad or a 4th generation one, but if you start looking at 64 GB Apple iPads you’ll be looking at the iPad Pro, which comes in 10.5” or the truly roomy 12.9”.

Vibrant Design and Rich Colour

If you’re going to be looking at something, you want it to look nice. The iPad brought Apple’s signature minimalist design into the tablet and eBook reader market with slim lines and simple silver, grey, or gold case. This is complemented by the rich colours offered up by the high resolution retina display.

Apps and Accessories

Of course, a tablet is only a good as the ways you can use it in, and the iPad is no slouch in this department. The app store provides you with all the tools you could need, and an endless supply of games to try. And for those apps that need a finer touch than your fingertip can provide, the iPad is fully compatible with the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard peripherals.

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