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Apple MacBook Pro 17 Inch Laptops

MacBook Pro 17 Laptops

For die-hard Mac users, there are a number of Apple features that keep them coming back, including customer service and user interface. For those that choose to own an Apple Laptop, the MacBook Pro line is among their most quality offerings.

Why Choose an Apple MacBook Pro 17 Laptop?

  • Screen size - As you would expect, the 17 in the model name stands for the screen size. For example, a MacBook Pro 17 2011 means its a MacBook Pro series with a 17-inch screen that was released in 2011.
  • Portability - Although an Apple 17-inch laptop is portable, the extra weight due to the size might not make it the best option for everyone. However, that doesnt mean it isnt a good fit for you. Those that move from one room to another inside the home and enjoy the larger screen size will benefit significantly from this computer.
  • Battery Life - One of the reasons you might choose to purchase a MacBook Pro is so that you dont have to stay connected to a power source. The battery design is so that users can spend hours working on the PC without needing to look for a charging station.

What are the Features on a MacBook Pro Laptop?

  • Processor - All MacBooks use Intel processors, and which processor depends on the model of MacBook Pro you purchase. Options include Intel Core i5, i7 and 2 Duo.
  • Graphics Card - The graphics on a MacBook 17-inch is AMD Radeon HD 6750M. It is fast enough to keep up with rapid action scene on most video games. Whats more, binge watching the latest show displays in top quality.
  • Memory - Earlier models offer 2 GB of RAM while newer models have the option of 2, 4 or 8 GB of memory.
  • Retina Display - MacBook Pro 17 Retina display makes it easier to work on the computer for hours without causing eye strain. To further make it more comfortable to stare at the screen for long periods of time, Apple made the screen surface matte and anti-glare.
  • Networking - Connect via Wi-Fi or use an Ethernet cord to start surfing the Internet.

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