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What to Know About the Apple iPhone 8 256GB

An iPhone connects you completely with the world around you, making it possible to connect to social media, email, and streaming media services in the palm of your hand. It runs on a proprietary operating system, Apple's iOS, and it can be updated as new versions are released. An iPhone 8 256GB phone has a variety of features for communication, media, and data storage.

Are iPhone 8 256GB unlocked versions available?

Yes. You can purchase an affordable unlocked version of the iPhone 8. You can also purchase new or preowned smartphones linked to the major mobile phone service providers like Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon Wireless. An unlocked phone isn't connected to any mobile phone service provider. This provides some benefits, including the following:

  • International travel - An unlocked phone simply needs an international SIM card to be used in another country, preventing the need for a second phone when traveling abroad.
  • Range - An unlocked iPhone 8 256GB can jump from network to network, giving you coverage in more areas than a network phone.
  • Applications - Both Android and iOS applications can be downloaded to an unlocked phone.
The 256 GB phone storage

The 256 GB in an iPhone 8 phone represents the size of the hard drive. There are 256 gigabytes of on-phone storage. This means you can store 256 gigabytes of information like pictures, videos, and documents before having to use the cloud for phone storage. The 256GB is the middle size of the three versions of the iPhone 8.

The different colour options on the Apple iPhone 8

Apple gives you the chance to reflect your personal style with your phone because of the different colour options available. The eBay iPhone 8 256GB phone can be found in the following colours:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Space gray
Some of the features of the iPhone 8 256GB phone

The iPhone 8 256GB price is driven by the number of features on the phone. The phone is essentially a computer in your pocket with some added features. The following features are included on an iPhone 8 256 phone:

  • Camera - A 12mps camera is included in the phone, representing the highest resolution of any Apple iPhone camera at the time of its release.
  • Retina display - The 4.7-inch screen has Apple's Retina display technology, giving you high-quality video and photographs.
  • Hexa-core processor - Allows the phone to run multiple applications simultaneously.
  • Bluetooth - Connect wirelessly to speakers, streaming music from your phone to your home entertainment system.