Aquarium Filters

Aquarium Filters

The most important component of any aquarium, an aquarium filter keeps the water clean and habitable for the fish and other sea creatures dwelling within. The type of filter you choose largely depends on factors such as what type of water your aquarium uses and the type of filter thats compatible with it. Choose a filter carefully in order to create the best space for your fish.

Filter Formats

When it comes to fish supplies, the filter is, without a doubt, the most crucial item. There are multiple types of aquarium filters, including canister, sponge, power, and submersible options. Brands like EHEIM aquarium filtersoffer many options. Sponge filters require small tanks, while a power filter provides ultimate filtration for larger aquariums. A canister filter works well for tanks 40 gallons or bigger, and choosing a submersible is smart when you have turtles in pond-style tank.

Fish Out of Water

Water type is also a determinant when it comes to purchasing a filter. Aqua One aquarium filtersoffer multiple types for different water options. You may not need the same filter for pond water that you would use for marine water, freshwater, or brackish water. Ensure youre purchasing the right filter for your aquarium and the sea life within it so your fish friends stay healthy. Canister filters work well for freshwater and brackish environments.

Tanks for the Memories

The size of your filter depends on the size of the aquarium you choose. Tanks come in a variety of sizes, from small to wall-sized, so choose a filter with your tank capacity in mind. A small tank doesnt need a large filter, and a large tank cant work with a filter that is too small. Match your tank gallons with the right filter for the perfect cleaning complement.

In or Out

There are two basic styles of filters; exterior and interior. Exterior filters are often larger and more powerful than interior ones, making them perfect for large tanks with a large water capacity. They are also good for more experienced hobbyists. Interior filters are easy to use for beginners, and they provide just the right amount of power for smaller tanks.